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20 Yard Dumpsters

20 Yard Dumpster Rental

At Waste Removal & Recycling we offer the cleanest and safest dumpster rental in the greater Sacramento area. They are always freshly painted and clean so they look well maintained at your job site or in your driveway. You will always be delivered a professional looking box.

Dirt and concrete are only allowed in our 10 yard dumpster.


On-time Delivery & Pickup


Safe & Well Maintained


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20 Yard Dumpster

20 yard dumpster rental Sacramento
Size: 18 ft x 8 ft x 4 ft
20 Yard Dumpster Details
20 yard dumpster rental
This is our dumpster for smaller jobs like yard, garage clean-up, or similar commercial or residential projects.

  • It is the size of a Ford F250 and will fit in your driveway
  • Designed for smaller projects like ideal for house and job site clean-ups
  • Great for hauling composition roof tiles and similar projects
  • Dirt and concrete are only allowed in our 10 yard dumpster.

If you think your job is larger than this, we recommend the 40 yard dumpster which is the most economical.

Items We DO Haul

items we do haul  Heavy Materials – Dirt, Rocks, Asphalt, Concrete, Stucco

items we do haul  Construction Debris – Drywall, Studs, Sheetrock, Plywood, Wiring, Pipes, Insulation, Cabinets, Carpet, Flooring

items we do haul  Roofing Materials – Roof Tiles, Shingles, Gutters

items we do haul  Recyclables – Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Fencing

items we do haul  Green Waste – Trees, Shrubs, Leafs, Sod, Mulch

items we do haul  General Clean-up – Garbage, Bikes, Toys, Lawn Mowers, Storage Sheds, Hot Tubs, Furniture

  Appliances* – Any kind of Appliance, large or small: Refrigerators, Freezers, TVs, Computers and Computer Monitors (*additional fee required)

 Tires* – Tires of different makes and sizes (*additional fee required)

Items We DO NOT Haul

items we do not haul Liquid Chemicals – Paint, Antifreeze, Oil or Oil Containers, etc.

items we do not haul Propane Tanks – Propane Bottles, Tanks, Cylinders, etc.

items we do not haul Chemically Treated Wood – Railroad Ties, Pressure Treated Wood

items we do not haul Lighting – Mercury Thermostats, Fluorescent Lights

items we do not haul Perishable Foods – Restaurant and any other kind of Food Waste

items we do not haul Batteries – Neither Auto nor Household or any other kind

items we do not haul Biohazards & Medical Waste – Sharps (needles, scalpels); Prescription Drugs, etc.

Which Dumpster is Right for Your Job?

Let Tony tell you if a 10-, 20-, or 40-yard dumpster is the right size for your job:

Customer Testimonial

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5 star ratingI had a house fire and needed a dumpster delivered and picked up to dispose of the contents of my home. Waste Removal and Recycling was fantastic. I had so much on my plate to do and they actually arrived on time when they said they would so my time wasn't wasted!

They worked with my insurance company in regards to the payment (although when I originally contacted Waste Removal & Recycling they were quite competitively priced) so I didn't need to hassle with any of that.

I was concerned that dumpster would be and eyesore in my yard. I was pleasantly surprised when it was freshly painted with no rust or graffiti on it! I now pass another home on my commute with a dumpster from another company in their driveway and it is absolutely awful! I almost want to go knock on their door and refer Waste Removal & Recycling to them (although it's a bit late now)

I highly recommend Waste Removal & Recycling!
Kelley C. Avatar
Kelley C.

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